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Telemarketing Services


    • TOD ensures prompt professional service.
    • We use the most up to date technology and call routing systems
    • We deliver complete campaign development.
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Business Process Services

Appointment Scheduling

    • Regardless of the scale, TOD has the solution to keep your calendar full and acquiring new business.
    • Hourly and performance based payouts for appointment scheduling.
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Web Content Services

Content Compliance Council

    • Personal Profile Reviews.
    • Social Networking Website Content Auditing & Screening
“Telecommunications on demand is one of the largest, most recognized and trusted pay for performance telemarketing companies in the world.TOD was a pioneer in the pay for performance telemarketing world and we continue to push the envelope and innovate new marketing strategies with our partners.”

Contact Centers

Contact Centers

TOD is constantly looking for additional capacity to place high quality telemarketing and business process programs.We provide our network with both hourly and performance based programs selected for success!

Inbound & Outbound

The key to successful inbound and outbound telemarketing relies solely on the process, the people involved and the technology used.TOD has the key to your success.We can deliver actionable data that drives your sales, marketing and customer development to new levels!


TOD Taps new business opportunities for our clients and also manages existing customer relationships.TOD Actively participates in client growth by acting as an extension of their clients marketing and sales department and specializing in telemarketing services .

Client Testimonials

  • Jerry Dackerman

    TOD has been active in long distance telemarketing for over a year. Six months ago, in addition to being an alternate marketing channel, TOD began to offer management, product development, and consulting services to resellers and carriers desirous of utilizing telemarketing to expand their customer base. In January 1996, TOD entered into an agreement to provide such services to UStel, a long distance carrier, and Consortium 2000, a UStel long distance reseller. Jerry Dackerman, Consortium 2000 CEO

    —Jerry Dackerman