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  • Telemarketing Services
  • Business Process Services
  • Web Content Services

TOD is one of the largest; most recognized and trusted pay for performance telemarketing companies in the world. TOD was a pioneer in the pay for performance telemarketing world and we continue to push the envelope with innovative marketing strategies.

Our combined 75 years of experience means we have the latest technology and experience when it comes to meeting the needs of all parties. TODa��s highly qualified management provides a�?incubator call centersa�? to safely test your campaign before launching it on a larger scale.


Telemarketing Services


    • TOD ensures prompt professional service.
    • We use the most up to date technology and call routing systems
    • We deliver complete campaign development.

Business Process Services

Appointment Scheduling

    • Regardless of the scale, TOD has the solution to keep your calendar full and acquiring new business.
    • Hourly and performance based payouts for appointment scheduling.


Web Content Services

Content Compliance Council

    • Personal Profile Reviews.
    • Social Networking Website Content Auditing & Screening