Welcome to TOD


Established in August 1996, Tele - communications On Demand, based near Allentown, PA, Orlando and Clearwater, FL, is a collaboration of over 75 years of successful consulting and direct marketing in the tele-services industry. Since its inception, Telecommunications On Demand has endeavored to fulfill its mission.

Tele-communications On Demand functions as a Tele-Services Management Company and Outsourcer for its own call centers, and over 25 domestic and international Telecommunications On Demand Call Centers who produce thousands of TOD Client sales per week.

TOD is firmly committed to the concept that the utilization of telemarketing can ultimately produce and maintain a significant and satisfied customer base.

Why Choose TOD

  • Our goal is to assist you in maximizing revenue
  • Our call centers are profiled and screened
  • Professional Project Management and Customer Service
  • Exceptional ability to provide an efficient Pay for Performance model
  • Dedicated Project managers for your campaign
  • 14 years of successful call center experience at your fingertips

What we offer

  • Professional Project Management and Customer Service
  • Best Pay for Performance rates in the industry
  • Informative and accurate program reporting
  • Comprehensive monitoring and recording solutions for your protection
  • Typically no set up or training fees
  • One on One consulting to ensure success of your project