Justin Olds


Office Phone: (570) 581-8300

Justin began his career after graduating from the University of Florida in various leadership positions within the hospitality, telecom and real estate industries where he successfully grew company revenues and instituted self leadership programs. He joined the executive team at TOD in 2007 as the Vice President of Business Development and successfully grew the deregulated sales channel, political, content moderation, and other verticals. His operational experience includes overseeing several call centers with more than 800 sales agents. As President, Justin continues to foster positive relationships with new and existing TOD clients.

Justin is a true visionary creating many new opportunities for the TOD organization. He continues to push the company in many new directions, and has played an important role in establishing TOD as one of the most successful companies involved in the marketing of deregulated energy and telephone services. His leadership has opened new doors for the organization and he has played a key role in the acquisition of new call centers.