TODa��s Testimonials

  • Jerry Dackerman

    TOD has been active in long distance telemarketing for over a year. Six months ago, in addition to being an alternate marketing channel, TOD began to offer management, product development, and consulting services to resellers and carriers desirous of utilizing telemarketing to expand their customer base. In January 1996, TOD entered into an agreement to provide such services to UStel, a long distance carrier, and Consortium 2000, a UStel long distance reseller. Jerry Dackerman, Consortium 2000 CEO

    —Jerry Dackerman
  • William Van Hefner

    In addition to procuring quality marketers, there are a myriad of other benefits associated with becoming a TOD Service-Provider. Many of these are detailed below. However, beware of TOD “wannabes” who are essentially “bird-dogs” that expect to be compensated like TOD for merely introducing a marketer to a service-provider. In a recent editorial, William Van Hefner, the publisher of the highly regarded Discount Long Distance Digest stated: “TOD’s inside knowledge of the industry has always proven to be accurate. I’d highly recommend their services.” William Van Hefner, Publisher of Discount Long Distance Digest

    —William Van Hefner
  • Ray Tompkins

    TOD functions as a broker and clearinghouse for agents and large marketing organizations (i.e. telemarketers) involved in the selling of discount long distance and enhanced services. TOD “matches” it’s more than 400 “Marketing Clients” directly with over 20 contracted TOD Service-Providers (carriers and resellers). Collectively, TOD Marketing Clients produce in excess of 100 million dollars of annual long distance volume. In less than 3 years, TOD has become the long distance industry’s largest and most well-respected nationwide broker/recruiter. According to Ray Tompkins, the publisher of Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions Magazine: “Every time TOD is mentioned it’s good news. Our customers like their service and reliability, and nothing is more important in the telemarketing service business.” Ray Tompkins, Publisher of Telemarketing & Call Center Solution Magazine

    —Ray Tompkins
  • Larry Leikin

    "Telecommunications On Demand is the premiere telesales company in the telecom and energy industries. Over the past 10+ years, I have worked closely with TOD; many of my verification clients use them for their outbound acquisition needs. In a world of sub-par and fly by night vendors, TOD has stood the test of time and continued to deliver for its clients program after program, year after year. I highly recommend them for anybody looking to grow their clients base." Larry Leikin, Sales Verification

    —Larry Leikin