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Content Compliance Council

As web 2.0 social networks and dating websites proliferate, publishers are left with a widening array of choices about their own management, liability, and options for best practices in managing this explosion of random user posted content. The Content Compliance Council™ (C3™) has been formed by industry veterans to explore these issues, and work towards the development, and implementation of "best practices" in managing, policing, and auditing the dynamic random postings of social network and other personal profile website content.

Personal Profile Reviews

TOD has the ability to review each and every image on your site in a more efficient manner than ever. We have learned to adapt with the rapid changes in technology and provide this service with live human eyes. Many companies can create a computer model to screen out certain images, but TOD sees this as a band aid to a larger problem. TOD has learned to adapt and respond to the needs of our clients. We are proud to say that we have viewed well over 1 billion images to date!

Social Networking Website Content Auditing & Screening

TOD is not only a leader in the compliance screening of website content, but we were the pioneer. In today's world of laws and liability you need to police your site's content as never before.